The story starts in 1991. I was really out of income at the time but had a need to get back into boating after having to part with my live aboard sailboat. I was living in SanFrancisco Bay area at the time and like any boater was an avid fan of Latitude 38 magazine. In the back of the rag is a section for boats for sale as well as other boating related classifieds. I came across an offering for an Ed Monk Sr. Sloop.  She was a wooden 22' boat offered for $1500 or a computer. Since I was in the electronics field I knew I could put together a new computer for less than that. I traded an IBM XT style computer that cost me about $600 to put together.

She was a bit run down to put it gently. I sailed her back to Redwood City and was happy as a clam.